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Kensington Youth-Serving Programs Database

This project was initiated by several guiding questions including:


  • What types of youth programming exists in Kensington, with an emphasis on the 19134 zip code?

  • Who is providing the programming?

  • Why is there a perception (throughout Philadelphia) that there aren't any, or aren't enough, opportunities or programs for children, and especially teens?

Summary & background:

Our research consisted of internet and database searches, knowledge from prior partnerships, and from organization referrals. We looked through websites and social media pages to come up with as much initial information as possible, and followed up by phone and email. As we compiled information, we formatted our data in a way that allowed us to answer any other emerging questions.


This database is location specific. It serves as both a search and networking tool for youth organizations, as well as families residing in Kensington.


For this version of the document, we decided to only include organizations in the 19134 zip code. We are planning to include organizations in the 19122 and 19125 zip codes for the next version of this tool.

This is a living document and is only as useful as the information included.

Please feel free to update your information or add any new organizations you may know.


We plan to update the document monthly, so you may not see your information right away.

Organizations can be added through Google Form submissions:

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The project was initially compiled over the course of two months (11-12/2022). Graphs and reports were generated based on the most current information we had. The information in this database was compiled by Fab Youth Philly interns, Cara Lomaro and Rebecca Crosby, with guidance from Fab Youth Philly Executive Director, Rebecca Fabiano.

Why are we sharing this with others?

We started this project to map out the various youth-serving programs in the Kensington neighborhood. In alignment with our goals, we hope to increase connectedness between service providers so that organizations can boost youth engagement and organizational collaborations.


How are we sharing this?

This database will be available in multiple forms. We will be adding it to our website, sharing a downloadable PDF, and printing physical copies as well. This will ensure that we reach the most amount of people. Our website database and PDF copies will include hyperlinks to websites, registration forms, social media pages, and any other necessary information. The printed copies will include the full typed out websites so that people can easily find these webpages as well.

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Click on the link above to be taken to a PDF version of the entire database.

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