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Yaya Plans a Block Party

We wrote a children's book about and featuring the Play Captains!

It is illustrated by Briana Clarke, former Play Captain Supervisor, and Summer Training Facilitator.

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Want multiple copies for yourself, a local or school library, a recreation center, day care or other location? We offer bulk pricing for orders of 10 or more copies.

You can make it possible for us to get FREE copies of book out the Playstreets and playgrounds where the teens work each summer.


Contact us to learn how.

5.0 out of 5 stars Would have loved Yaya's job when I was her age!

Being a native Philadelphian and growing up in North Philadelphia this book had extra special meaning for me. That aside, I thought this was a great read to teach kids about creativity, leadership, team building, and community support. The illustrations fit perfectly with the story. I will definitely be gifting this book to young readers.

It's like a How To for play captains anywhere!

​Yaya Plans a Block Party represents some of the best things about Philadelphia's young people. They are creative and engaging, they solve problems and they are role models for younger children. Ms. Fabiano tells the story and includes examples so that anyone can re-create a block party in their own neighborhood. Games included! Ms. Clarke brings the story to life through her beautiful illustrations.

Fabulous window

I read a review of this book in The Philadelphia Inquirer and ordered two copies for my Little Free Library in Bryn Mawr (Phila. suburb). What a terrific way to introduce suburban children to a wonderful part of city life. Children will love learning about new games and getting a sense of different city neighborhoods. The story is told in a straightforward way accessible to a broad range of ages.

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