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Annual Global Cardboard Challenge

The Global Cardboard Challenge was inspired by a short film called Cains Arcade about a 10 year old boy who makes a cardboard arcade in his dad's auto-body shop in East LA. You can watch the 10min video below.

Each year since 2015 Fab Youth Philly has been (co) hosting the Cardboard Challenge here in Philly. You can check out past Cardboard Challenges here in Philly on our YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe when you visit!

The Cardboard Challenge takes place every October, the first or second weekend of the month. Keep an eye out for the dates each year. Follow us on social media so you can join us!

Cardboard Challenge 2020.JPG
Cardboard Challenge Girl with Glitter.jpg
cardboard challenge colorful sign.jpg
Cardboard Challenge 2018.JPG
Cardboard Challenge 2022.HEIC
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