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Youth Programs

Our youth programming is award-winning!

Since 2015, we've provided programming directly to more than 600 children, teens and young adults (and counting!).

​We utilize a strengths-based positive youth development framework designed to integrate three protective factors that research has shown to help youth thrive:

1. Positive Relationships between youth and adults and youth and their peers;

2. Clear, fair and high expectations; and

3. Opportunities to navigate, connect and be productive.


children playing with baloons on playstreet with Fab Youth Philly Play Captain

If you would like to support this or any of our other youth programs, click on the donate button. Your donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Other Youth Programming

Middle School Programming

In Spring of 2016, Fab Youth Philly was awarded a grant from The Mayor's Fund to create and facilitate a community engagement project for middle schoolers at the Norris Homes running July 2016-May 2107.

For this middle school project, Fab Youth Philly pulled together a highly talented team of teaching artists, community activists and youth workers, including: Jennie Shanker, Andrea Walls, Alia Hatch, Mary Baxter (AKA Isis Tha Savior), Harvey Hicks, Nathan McChristy, Folasshade Laud-Hammond, and Sannii Crespina-Flores.



In 2021, we were awarded a grant from the Kensington Resiliency Fund to provide middle school STEM programming at, and in partnership with McPherson Square Free Library. Fab Youth Philly staff also conduced workshops at Science Leadership Academy Middle School on the topic of gender identity.

Caspar Maker Jawn Middle School Afterschool .JPG

Teen Business Lab

The Teen Business Lab was created with Michele Martin of The Bamboo Project and is designed to be a 6-week, 12-sessions series of workshops that introduce teens and young adults to entrepreneurship.  First piloted in a community center setting, the course can also be modified to fit into a traditional school setting, too as we ran it at YouthBuild Charter School. The TBL can be modified or tailored for any group.

We place special emphasis on entrepreneurial thinking and work with teens to plan out a 'side hustle' they can develop while still in school. While we'd love it if every participant walks away ready to start their business, our ultimate goal is to introduce young people to a new way of thinking and provide some basic tools so when they are ready, they have what they need to get started.

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