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Join our award-winning team!

Fab Youth Philly is fortunate to work with talented individuals who complement and round out our areas of expertise.


Our team is made up of youth workers, artists, trainers, curriculum developers, graphic designers, social media experts and others; all of whom have experience working with youth-serving and nonprofit organizations.


Fab Youth Philly is a workplace that is welcoming of returning citizens.

Current Openings

Thank you for your interest in working at Fab Youth Philly!

Please click on the job you're interested in to be taken to the job description and the interview process.

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Internship opportunities

We love hosting high school, undergraduate and graduate interns! Some of our internship opportunities are paid, where others can be done for school credit or as a volunteer.


While we seek interns to help us achieve specific goals and move specific work forward, we aspire to create work-based learning experiences that help further an individual's goal, as such we can often customize the internship experience and projects.

Before you reach out to us, make sure you've checked out our website and some of our social media to understand what we do. Then, when you DO reach out to us, please email us at and tell us about yourself, provide a resume if you have one and what you'd like to do and learn as an intern at Fab Youth Philly.

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