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About Us

It is important to us to be explicit about who we are and what informs our work.

Sharing this information helps us communicate externally – attracting partners, collaborators, and funders with shared values. Internally, clear theories and frameworks help guide us as individuals and teammates.


The lenses we use, the values that drive our work, and the principles and practices that guide our day-to-day interactions are not accidental. They are intentional and part of all that we do.

Theories & Frameworks

The work we do at Fab Youth Philly is shaped by these theories. We come to these lenses through ongoing learning via books, conferences, social media, film and more; through conversations with a number of stakeholders and trusted messengers, and through observations.

We strive to constantly be learning.

Anti-Racist, yellow circle.png

We disavow white supremacy and actively work to counter white supremacy culture within our organization. We do this by creating opportunities to openly and actively discuss where and how white supremacy shows up - within our own organization and within the organizations and systems with whom we work. It is a collective effort to develop strategies to undo or eliminate white supremacy culture.

trauma informed red circle.png

At Fab Youth Philly, being Trauma Informed means we work to realize the widespread impact of trauma and understand potential paths for recovery. We recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma in clients, families, staff, and others, and we respond by fully integrating our knowledge about trauma into policies, procedures, and practices. This work has been and continues to be a journey. As an organization, we are working to move from Trauma Informed to Healing Centered practice.

Positive Youth Development, Teal Circle.png

We utilize a strengths-based positive youth development framework designed to integrate three protective factors that research has shown to help youth thrive: Positive Relationships between youth and adults and youth and their peers; Clear, fair and high expectations; and Opportunities to navigate, connect and be productive.

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Looking for financial or other organizational information, find us on Guidestar.

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