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Meet our Team

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our team collectively brings decades of experience at youth-serving and nonprofit organizations.

We are a small but mighty core team, which grows to nearly four times the size in the summer!

To join our work, keep an eye out on our social media platforms and sign up for our newsletter for openings for various staff positions, internships and board opportunities.

Our Core Team


Dawn Kilmer  (she/her)



Meet some of the consultants, youth development professionals, teaching artists and interns we've worked with over the years.

Michelle Smawley, Communications
Felica Roche Headshot.png

Reggie Jones, LCSW, MSS, MLSP, (she/her)

Social Work Supervisor

& Play Captain Facilitator

Felica Roche, (she/her)

Play Captain Regional Manager 

& Play Captain Facilitator

Michelle Smawley, (she/her)

Communications & PR Consultant


Emilia Autin-Hefner, (she/her)

Skills for a Fab Life


Danyelle Austin, (she/her)

Executive Leaders PLC Lead Content Facilitator, CYDP & Play Captain Facilitator

Omari Coloson Headshot, Fab Youth Philly

Omari Colson (he/him)

Play Captain Facilitator

Raphaela Brown Headshot

Raphaela Brown, (she/her)

West Philadelphia Promise Neighborhood OST PLC


Briana Clarke (she/her)

Play Captain Facilitator & Illustrator of Yaya Plans a Block Party

Christel Brewer, (she/her)

Play Captain Facilitator

Joi Dallas Headshot Fab Youth Philly

Joi Dallas (she/her)

Play Captain Facilitator

FolasshadeLaudHammond Dunbar Headshot Fab Youth Philly at 4.12.09 PM.png
Michele Martin Headshot Fab Youth Philly

Folasshade Dunbar, (she/her)

Norris Homes Project

Michele Martin, (she/her)

Co-Creator & Co-Facilitator

Fab Biz Lab

Staff by Project

As we've grown, we've had the incredible fortune to work with FAB youth development professionals.

Our staff shrinks and grows seasonally and depending on the projects we are working on, so most positions are part-time, and seasonal, as our largest youth programming takes place during the summer.

Arisa Abdur, she/her, Play Captains
Arisa Abdur, she/her, Play Captains
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Emilia Autin-Hefner, she/her, PCI 2018, 2019
Emilia Autin-Hefner, she/her, PCI 2018, 2019

Millie came to us as a social work intern, then became a Group Leader and then a Supervisor for our Play Captain Initiative.

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Mary Baxter, she/her, Norris Home
Mary Baxter, she/her, Norris Home

AKA Isis tha Savior, Mary was a facilitator in our middle school OST program at Norris Homes.

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Wilson Cartagena, he/him, PCI 2019
Wilson Cartagena, he/him, PCI 2019

Meet Wilson, Play Captain Group Leader, 2019

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Briana Clarke, she/her PCI 2019
Briana Clarke, she/her PCI 2019

Meet Bri! She was a Supervisor 2019 for our Play Captain Initiative. She has since become a trainer and she is also the illustrator of Yaya Plans a Block Party!

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Omari Colson, he/him, PCI 2019
Omari Colson, he/him, PCI 2019

Meet Mr. O. Play Captain Group Leader, Summer 2019, Sr. Group Leader, Summer, 2021 and Play Captain Trainer, Summer 2022.

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Emma Cottone, she/her, PCI 2021
Emma Cottone, she/her, PCI 2021

Supervisor Play Parks, Summer, 2021

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Sanii Crespina-Flores, she/her, Norris Homes
Sanii Crespina-Flores, she/her, Norris Homes

Artist, poet, Philly-gem! Part of Norris Homes Project 2016

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Joanna Doberstein, she/her, PCI 2021
Joanna Doberstein, she/her, PCI 2021

Jo was a Play Captain Supervisor summer 2021 and joined the team as the Youth Program Manager through Nov. 2022

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Cara Intern.png
Davina Seng.webp
Katrina Girodano.png

Rebecca Crosby She/Her
2022-2023 Widener University
Graduate Social Work Intern

Cara Lomaro, She/Her
University of Pennsylvania
Graduate Social Work Intern

Davina Seng, She/Her
2022 West Chester University
Undergraduate Social Work Intern

Bailey Karst, She/Her
2022 West Chester University

Katrina Giordano, She/Her
2020-2021 Niagara University

Cassi T.png
Maddy McLean.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 9.35.58 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 5.54.57 PM.png

Salvatori Camarote, He/Him
2018 Science Leadership
Academy High School

Cassie Tibiurcio, She/Her
2020 West Chester University

Correen Cerveaux, She/Her
2019 Temple University

Maddy MacLean, She/Her
2021West Chester University

Alex Chips, He/Him
2021 West Chester University

alexis pic.jpg

Amanda Lawrence, She/Her
2018 Temple University

Alexis Hack, She/Her


Temple University

Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors!

In 2021, Fab Youth Philly was awarded 501c3 status as a nonprofit organization.


If you have experience or expertise in Board Development, Finance, Legal, HR, Communications or Programming and are interested in serving on our Board of Directors,

reach out to us.

We'd love to meet you and see if you are a good fit for our growing board.

Advisory Board

We have created a strong advisory team, whose work is aimed primarily at advising on our youth programs. However they often provide advice, support and guidance on our overall organizational operations. They do not have any fiduciary responsibility to or for the organization.

If you are interested in learning more about being on our Advisory Board, contact us!

Youth Advisory Board

We started our Youth Advisory Board in December 2022 with a small group of Fab Youth Philly program alumni. Being on the Youth Advisory Board is a paid position and members meet at least twice monthly between September and May. The Youth Advisory Board is tasked with planning events, reviewing training, supporting participant recruitment and outreach.

Kiara ID.jpg
Vondera ID.jpg
manzy ID.jpg
Divine ID photo.jpg

Kiarah Cropper-Stokes,

Divine Frazier,

Manzy Wing,

Von'Dera Bass,

Makih ID.jpg

Makih Hemphill,


Seleena Brown,


Tasneem Ahmed,

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