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Is your Workplace "Friendly" to Returning Citizens?

This article in Generocity (2/12/2018) struck a chord with us and prompted us to make more formal measures to make our workplace welcoming to Returning Citizens. Here's a sneak peak about what an organization must do:

1. Actively communicate in your job descriptions and to your existing staff a commitment to welcoming employees with criminal records.

2. “Ban the Box” by delaying criminal history questions until the final stage of the hiring process. (Note that in the City of Philadelphia, it is illegal to require job candidates to disclose criminal history older than seven years.)

3. Formally train human resources personnel on working with applicants and employees with criminal records.

4. Offer formal training to staff about working with employees with criminal records.

At FAB YOUTH PHILLY we are working to become a workplace welcoming of returning citizens. We know that there are many adults that want to work with children and youth to be a role model for them and share their story in an effort to motivate youth to make wise choices. Look for this 🔑 symbol on our website.

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