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Cardboard Boxes For Everyone! What we can learn from the video Cain’s Arcade, May 23, 2014

Cain’s Arcade is by far, one of my most favorite videos to show to my students and other youth workers. I generally show it when talking about the 40 Developmental Assets and the role that non-familial adults play in the lives of young people (Asset #3). Or I show it when talking about developing challenging and engaging activities (see my blog: Designing Challenging and Engaging Activities for Kids (of all ages!) In Two Parts) And sometimes I show it when talking about Community Engagement as an example of how to build off the assets that exist in our communities.

No mater what the topic is, folks leave feeling inspired after watching the video.

What gets me every time is actually a small piece that takes place during the credits and you’ll miss if you don’t watch all the way through. It’s when Cain says: “And I was proud”. When is the last time you heard a young person say that? When was the last time you facilitated (or helped to facilitate) an experience that led to that moment? Email me, I’d like to know.

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