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We are hired by all kinds of organizations, large and small.

Clients come to us from the Philadelphia area and across the country and include organizations that focus on youth leadership, STEM, arts and culture, while others focus on food justice or workforce development.

Some projects last just a couple of days, others last a couple of years.

Organizations hire Fab Youth Philly to:


We have written thousands of pages of  curriculum for organizations like The National Urban League and Lutheran Settlement House, on a number of topics from workforce development to Social Emotional Literacy (SEL)


We've been hired by organizations like Philadelphia Youth Network to design and implement small to mid-size conferences.

Professional Learning Communities

Organizations like The Village of Arts & Humanities and The Lenfest Center hire us to develop and facilitate professional learning communities when they want to experience deep learning over an extended period of time.


We are hired by organizations like Congreso and Lift, NYC to facilitate retreats for staff, which often focus on leadership or team-building or goal setting.


Organizations like Neighborhood Bike Works hire us to help staff align programming with organizational mission and values and with grant deliverables.


Executive Staff hire us to serve as thought partners when they are in need of a peer with whom they can brainstorm, or work through an idea, a challenge or opportunity they are facing.

Want to work together?

Contact us: Let's set up a time to discuss how Fab Youth Philly

can help you meet your goals.

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